1886: Tremont House (212 Carrall)

Hot P29 – [Exterior of Tremont House on Carrall Street] 1886 J. A. Brock photo.

This photograph of Tremont House (entry to right) and Abrams & McLean Clothing Store (entry to left), was made by J. A. Brock sometime in 1886, prior to the June 13 Great Vancouver Fire of that year (CVA-Hot P29). Almost all city structures were destroyed in the fire, including this one. 

SGN 123 – [Tremont Hotel, on Carrall Street between Cordova and Powell Streets, erected after fire of 1886] Bailey Bros photo.

Upon the destruction of the building, the owners of the Tremont Hotel (as it was also known) were quick to set up a makeshift/temporary structure. Legend has it that it was standing the next day, although judging from the size of it (shown in the Bailey Bros. photo to the right; CVA-SGN 123) this was intended to be more a marketing manoeuvre than a genuine service to travellers.

The permanent replacement building (still on the site today) was completed in six months, in January 1887.  This incarnation of the hotel, however, was made of brick. In subsequent advertisements, the Tremont Hotel boasted that it was the first hotel in the city to be constructed of brick.

CVA 447-344 King’s Hotel (earlier Tremont etc)NE corner Cordova & Carrall 1961 WE Frost

The image above (CVA 447-344) was made in 1961 by W. E. Frost. The hotel is the light-coloured structure that is three buildings in from the left which was then known as King’s Hotel. Today, following a recent renovation of the property there are two cafes at street level; the second level is advertised as “live-work” space. This building which was originally called “Tremont House” is today known as the “Abrams Block”.

For additional architectural information on the Tremont Hotel/Abrams/Block, see: http://www.historicplaces.ca/en/rep-reg/place-lieu.aspx?id=2512

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One Response to 1886: Tremont House (212 Carrall)

  1. Tony Broscomb says:

    While researching the Jones Tent and Awning company, I came across a photo of the tent as city hall. That led me to the photo of the staged tent city hall (1937) wherein Carrall Street was mentioned. In turn, a friend sent me a photo of the maple tree and surround buildings (1886) which included the Tremont House and now to here. Totally fascinating.

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