Century of Change

Crop of Pan N161A

Crop of CVA Panorama N161A. Image made from Lee Bldg at corner Broadway & Main. 1913. Moore photo.

The image above was made in 1913 from the rooftop of the Lee Building (in 1913, just a year old; still standing today) at Broadway and Main. This is a crop made from a panorama view — this part looking toward the downtown area of Vancouver. The image below was made in 2014 from the tiny green space next to the Beatty Street Drill Hall. This was taken looking more or less in the same direction (northwest) as the crop of the panorama above. The differences in the two scenes are almost innumerable, but there are some commonalities. Can you spot the Beatty Street Drill Hall in the first image? The Sun/World Tower?


Author’s image of downtown Vancouver looking northwest from green area adjacent to (and south of) Beatty Street Drill Hall, 2014.

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