Horse, Petroleum, and Electrical Power

1910. Valentine & Sons. Dunsmuir Hotel 502 Dunsmuir (at Richards)

Valentine & Sons postcard. Hotel Dunsmuir. Author’s File.

The postcard shown above was published in 1910, just two years after the Hotel Dunsmuir (Dunsmuir at Richards) first opened for business. In front of the hotel, two differently powered vehicles are parked: in the center there appears to be a horse-drawn bus; on the right, there is a motor car. Within about three years of the postcard image being published, the photograph below was taken of an electrically-powered Hotel Dunsmuir bus for conveying guests between the hotel and the docks. The design of the electrically-powered bus and the horse-drawn one appear to be very similar. Presumably, the battery from which the electrical bus drew power was located in the lower part of the vehicle (beneath the floorboards of the passenger area). There is also a related image of an electrically-powered bus attached to the Lotus Hotel (455 Abbott): LGN 1266

1913? LGN 1267.1 - [Electrically operated bus used by the Dunsmuir Hotel to meet boats at the docks

CVA LGN 1267.1 Electrically operated bus used by Dunsmuir Hotel to meet boats at the docks. 1913.

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