Jack Peach

ca1943 CVA 586-1696 - Jack Peach CBR [station announcer] Coltman & Colmer .jpg

CVA 586-1696 – An early photo of Jack Peach with CBC (Vancouver) affiliate, CBR. Serving as station announcer ca 1943. Seffans-Colmer photo.

Jack Peach (1913-93) was, I now realize, an  important early influence on my love of historical subjects. Growing  up in southern Alberta, my bedroom radio was typically tuned to CBC Calgary in the morning and I remember hearing Jack Peach’s historical features pertaining to Calgary and wider Alberta history.

It turns out that although Peach was born, raised and educated in Calgary (and in England), Peach got his first  (non-freelance) radio job with CBC in Vancouver starting in 1937.  This link from 1939 pertains to what was then a remarkable piece of news – the first overnight mail flight from Victoria to Montreal. The flight was with the national airline, Trans-Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) and took  a total of just under 16 hours. And CBC Vancouver’s intrepid reporter, Jack Peach, was aboard.

8989891454Peach produced at least three books pertaining to Alberta heritage topics: Peach Preserves, Peach Cordial, and Peach Melba.

If you are interested in hearing one of his later radio features, here is one, pertaining to Western Canadian author, W. O. Mitchell.


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