Street Cleaning Method: 1914

Street Cleaning crews on horse-drawn water tanks Sept 1:14. Ci Dept P4

CVA Ci Dept P4: [Street cleaning crews on horse-drawn water tanks], Sept 1, 1914.

I’m assuming that the conveyances shown in this 1914 image were City of Vancouver entries in the annual Labour Day Parade (and probably also had the function of cleaning up after other animals in the parade). These water tanks, used by cleaners of the city streets, appear to be pausing for the photo and/or perhaps waiting for their cue to join the parade from a downtown location. The first Georgia Viaduct (1913-71) is visible in the background.

It would probably have been the source of some excitement among the men gathered for this event that war had been declared just one month before this image was taken.  At the time, of course, nobody knew that the war would ultimately become known as the  First World War or ‘the war to end all wars’, nor that it would take a devastating toll on the lives of Canadians and those of other nation-states.

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