From Books to Burgers

1969 CVA 780-27 - %22The Book Barrel,%22 Theatre Row, [at 891 Granville Street]

CVA [The Book Barrel on Theatre Row (891 Granville Street)], 1969.

This image is a sign of the times (both of the 1960s and the 2000s). The 1969 image of The Book Barrel was taken at 891 Theatre Row (aka Granville Street), just north of Smithe Street.

Who could have predicted in the late 1960s that by the early 2000s, traditional paper-made books and the shops that trade in them would be facing serious and significant decline. Likewise, who could have forseen that 45 years after this image was made, the current occupant of this space – McDonald’s – would be operating 1,400 fast food joints in Canada. Quite a jump from 1967, the year that McD’s opened its first Canadian purveyor of burgers and fries in Richmond, BC.

I find it interesting that this shop (which, I believe, traded mainly in general stock used books) was open every day from 10am to midnight (except for Sunday, when it was open from noon to midnight).

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