Oyster Bay Cafe

CVA 447-290 - Oyster Bay Cafe Bldg, Carrall St and Cordova St. ca 1939 WE Frost

CVA 447-290 Oyster Bay Cafe Bldg, Carrall and Cordova Streets, ca 1939, WE Frost photo.

I walked past the new Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar (part of the Sutton Place Hotel establishment (on Burrard Street near Robson Street) and I wondered how long this oyster-consuming place would survive. I was reminded, then, of what I suspected was a very long-lived oyster restaurant from Vancouver’s past: The Oyster Bay Cafe at 300 Carrall Street. I didn’t know how long the Oyster Bay had lasted, but I had a suspicion it was awhile. So I had a look in the BC Directories and I found listings for it from 1912 through 1948: 36 years.

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2 Responses to Oyster Bay Cafe

  1. ChangingCity says:

    We think it was the Oyster Bay, as the picture title says. More history on the developer, J M Spinks, here. https://changingvancouver.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/oyster-bay-cafe-cordova-and-carrall/

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