Memorial Chapel at First Baptist Church

Author's photo.

John Bunyan: Tinker, Writer, Preacher. Author’s photo.

The First Baptist Church Memorial Chapel has within it some of the most outstanding stained glass on the church site. The Chapel was dedicated as such in January 1958. (The space occupied by the Chapel has been part of the church structure at the northwest corner of Burrard and Nelson since it was built in 1910-11 and was used for administrative functions of the denomination of which FBC is part and later served as the study of the senior minister).

Christ in the home of his parents. Author's photo.

Christ in the house of his parents. Author’s photo.

These three stained glass windows were dedicated in 1963 by Padre James Willox Duncan (1906-2002) to the memory of Ester Duncan and of E.P. Miller. There is another window in the Memorial Chapel (not shown here) given in memory of Dr. Wayman Roberts by Mrs. Roberts; Dr Roberts died in 1955 while FBC’s senior minister.

Author's photo.

William Carey: Cobbler, Missionary and Scholar. Author’s photo.

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