Across From Pigeon Park

The corner across from Pigeon Park (or, more formally, Pioneer Square) is shown below in two images: the first was made sometime in the first decade of the 20th century; the second in 1926. This is the northeast corner of Carrall Street at Hastings.

IMG_7289 190? CVA 677-640 - [Carrall Street at Hastings Street] PT Timms photo

CVA 677-640 – Carrall Street at Hastings Street – PT Timms photo, 190?

Although it is hard to distinguish trolley tracks in the 190- image, they are there (as also in 1926). A difference, traffic-wise, however, is how little there is in the first image. No automobiles are present here, indeed there is no evidence of non-pedestrian traffic. (If there had been vehicles in the 190- photo, however, they would have been driving on the left side of the street. It wasn’t until January, 1922 that right-side-driving came to B.C.) One other traffic-related point is worth noting. In the 1926 image, you can just make out (if you click on the image, to enlarge it) in front of the United Cigar Store entry, a portable stop/go sign which a police constable could drag out to the intersection to simplify the task of directing traffic.

The two-storey structure on the corner of both images is the Templeton Block (built ca 1895; enlarged in 1900s). The principal tenants in 190- were the Mint Saloon and McTaggart & Moscrop Hardware. A little further to the left (north on Carrall) is a sign indicating that there is a bookstore there (probably part of Bright Stationery Co.) On the Hastings side of the corner, just past the Mint’s entry, I cannot make out the lettering on the signage, but according to the 1905 BC Directory, there were store fronts for a harness maker, a confectioner, and a purveyor of ladies underwear. There was no Dodson Rooms in the 1905 Directory (nor in the first image), but there was a baker by the name of Joseph Dodson at 27 E. Hastings – presumably after whom Dodson Rooms ultimately was named. Dodson Rooms is the 5-storey building visible east of the Templeton corner at 25 E. Hastings (on whose wall, the word “Bakery” is advertised – the Dodson Bakery, I presume, which was still at its earlier address).

IMG_7287 ca1926 CVA 99-2257 - Taken for Duker and Shaw Billboards Ltd. [Hastings and Carrall, north east corner] S Thomson photo

CVA 99-2257 – Taken for Duker and Shaw Billboards Ltd. [Hastings and Carrall, north eascorner] S Thomson photo, ca1926

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One Response to Across From Pigeon Park

  1. Sheila says:

    Almost next door to the Big 3 Tailors is the Seven Little Tailors! The Five Average Stature Tailors just needed to move in to Stanford & Sorenson Men’s Shoes and all bases would be covered!

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