Faculty: Early Van High


The City of Vancouver Archives has, I think, mistakenly identified this image as being from ca1900. I believe that this, in fact, is a few years older – from ca1894.

Two  clues led me to this conclusion:

  1. By 1900, Vancouver High School had been incorporated as a college of McGill University. There is no mention on the image of the McGill University relationship; it seems to me doubtful that the McGill connection would be unmentioned on a document if it had already been established.
  2. There is a mismatch between the faculty who are identified in the image and faculty listed in the calendar of Vancouver College of McGill University: Session 1900-1901. According to the calendar,  Miss Hunt taught modern languages in that year; but Hunt does not appear in the image. However, the faculty shown in the image do match those in the calendar listing for 1894-95 (and that appears to be the only calendar faculty list which matches exactly those shown in the image).

A note about the early Course of Study/Calendar documents: they  include admission exams and promotion exams which make humbling reading. It is amazing to me what breadth and depth of knowledge was expected of Vancouver High School students both before and after there was a connection with McGill.

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