Victory Square

Victory Square-2

Postcard of Victory Square looking south from (most likely) the Dominion Bldg, ca1930s.

The postcard above, probably created during the 1930s, and the image below, made in 2014 by my friend and shooting partner Wes Hiebert, both show the decidedly non-square Victory Square bounded by Cambie Street on the left and Pender near the top of the images, and Hastings at the bottom (Hamilton is unseen, but is stage-right). The earlier occupant of this block was the first Courthouse (the predecessor of the later Courthouse on Georgia Street, currently Vancouver Art Gallery).

The cenotaph is the principal feature which endures today, although the Edgett Building (northeast corner Cambie at Pender) is also present in both postcard and photo. The building across the street from the Edgett in the postcard (southeast corner) was Vancouver City Hospital (predecessor to Vancouver General Hospital); and the structure partly hidden behind the flags on the postcard was Central School – where Vancouver Community College’s downtown campus is located today. One of the most striking differences between the two is the relative absence of trees in the postcard view.

The public conveniences (aka washrooms) at the lower right corner of the 2014 photo were most likely also present in the 1930s (installed in the 1920s, I believe), but were not included in the postcard.

Wes - VicSq3- DSCF5357-2

Victory Square made from 7th Floor, Dominion Bldg. Photo credit: Wes Hiebert, 2014.


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