Before Rogers Building

CVA Bu P526.1 Corner of Granville Street at Pender. Photograph shows The Canadian Bank of Commerce, the Canada Life building under construction, G.D. Scott and Co. Real Estate, Purdy's Chocolates, O.B. Allan Jewellers, F.A. Tandoo, C.D. Rand Real Estate, Crown Building and the Delmonico Hotel, ca 1911.

CVA Bu P526.1 Corner of Granville Street at Pender, ca 1911.

This image was made just prior to (and very likely in anticipation of) the construction on the corner of Granville and Dunsmuir of the Rogers Building.

C. D. Rand, whose office is visibly prominent in the single-storey structure at the corner, was a successful  real estate broker and an early president of the now-defunct Vancouver Stock Exchange.

The businesses I can identify in this photo are (beginning with the rightmost one): Delmonico Hotel (at Pender and Seymour); 5-storey Crown Building; Anderson  & Warnock hardware; Goodyear Shoe Repairing; Cleland & Welsh printers; C. D Rand real estate; Frank Tandoo confectionary; O. B. Allan optician and jeweller; Purdy’s Chocolates; George D. Scott & Co. real estate; Railways Tea; Canadian Bank of Commerce; and Canada Life Building under construction.

Today a giant parking garage sits at Seymour and Pender (where the Delmonico, the Crown building and other businesses once were located).

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