Wesley Methodist from Thurlow


CVA SGN 1522 – View of Georgia Street, looking east from Thurlow Street. 1912? C. Bradbury photo.

The view above is an atypical one. In the distance, of course, is the (unfinished?) Vancouver Block. The church in the middle distance/right is Wesley Methodist Church which in the 1930s would be demolished to make way for the Burrard Building (see image below). Wesley Methodist and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian (Georgia at Richards) churches would join to form St Andrew’s-Wesley United Church in the 1930s (SW corner Burrard & Nelson). The dominance of residential buildings along Georgia Street in the first decade of the 20th century is striking. As is the prevalence of horse-driven vehicles along the wide street.


Looking east along Georgia St. from the Macmillan Blodel building’s plaza near Thurlow St. 2015. MDM photo.

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2 Responses to Wesley Methodist from Thurlow

  1. ChangingCity says:

    While the Burrard Building is where the church stood, there was more action here! The Wesley Methodist Church was briefly replaced with a vegetable store, then in 1937 Oscar’s steakhouse and the Palomar club. Those were demolished in turn in the mid 1950s for the Burrard Building.

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