Burrard Skytrain Station

CVA Mil P64.3 - [Troops on parade on Burrard Street at Melville Street]. Between 1914-18. S Thomson photo.

CVA Mil P64.3 – Crews from the HMS Hood, HMS Repulse, and HMAS Adelaide during June 1924 visit to Vancouver. On Burrard Street at Melville Street] (CVA identifies construction site in middle distance to be “partially constructed Aisla Rooms” Note: Wesley Methodist Church  and Hotel Belfred — originally residence of J. M. Browning, CPR Land Commissioner, aka Glencoe Lodge —  in background). 1924. S Thomson photo.

Looking southwest toward Burrard Skytrain Station (Burrard at Melville St.). Hyatt Hotel in background. 2015. Author's photo.

Looking southwest toward Burrard Skytrain Station (Burrard St. at Melville St.). Hyatt Regency Hotel, Staples stationers in background-left; Mac-Blo building, background-right. 2015. Author’s photo.

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3 Responses to Burrard Skytrain Station

  1. The photo of what you call troops on Burrard St. between 1914-1918 is actually the Crews from the famous HMS Hood, HMS Repulse, and HMAS Adelaide, during their June 1924 visit to Vancouver and Victoria as part of a world tour. Today, May 24th, 2016 I was just posting about the visit because it was exactly 75 years ago that the Hood was sunk by the Bismark.

  2. Dave Banks says:

    “…the commencement of the Ramsay Hotel on Burrard street, at the corner of Melville, and received the assurance of both Mr. Ramsay and his architect that the work would be continued, until the building was completed. At a recent meeting the board asked for this assurance as it granted a license to Mr. Ramsay on the undertaking that his hotel would soon be completed”

    Vancouver Daily World December 11 1912

    The incomplete hotel sat for 14 years.

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