The World

Detail of CVA 1399-540 - [Photograph of Capitol Theatre], ca 1926.

Detail of CVA 1399-540 – [Photograph of Capitol Theatre], ca 1926.

There seem not to be any photos on the VPL or CVA websites that show “The World” after-hours club. Although the club appears  to have endured for a number of years, I haven’t been able to track down the year it was established – although sometime in the 1950s seems a reasonable guess. It seems that The World, or a successor to it, is still running; there appears to be a current website for an after-hours club known as Club 816, at 816 Granville – the address of The World. Upon walking into the site during daylight hours, however, I could find no trace of Club 816 nor any signage pointing patrons toward where it was. (That is no guarantee that the club is out of business, however).

I first learned of the existence of The World in Vancouver Noir (Diane Purvey and John Belshaw, authors; Anvil Press, 2011). In their chapter titled “Lotus Land: Glamour and Vice”, the authors contrast supper clubs such as the Cave and the Palomar with after-hours clubs which opened after the others closed. They quote John Mackie and Sarah Reeder (in Vancouver: The Unknown City, Arsenal Pulp Press, 2003) as describing The World as “the longest running after-hours club” in Vancouver. Mackie and Reeder point out that the club was situated in the basement next to the entry to the Capitol Theatre. In the image above, I suspect that the entry to where The World was  later located was where the downstairs entry to the barber shop appears in this photo (even though the barber’s address, 818 Granville, is slightly different from what became that of The World, 816). Today, the entry to the basement is from inside the lobby of the building.

During daytime at least, the current occupant of 816 Granville – having, apparently, the basement floor, as well as all others – is the multinational language school, Inlingua.

816 Granville Street (near Robson). Inlingua language school. 2015. Author's photo.

816 Granville Street (near Robson). Inlingua language school. 2015. Author’s photo.

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