Moon Glow Cabaret

CVA 780-335 – [View of] Georgia St[reet], 1966.

This scene was on the north side of the former 300 block of East Georgia Street in Chinatown. There isn’t anything left of this bock, today. It was levelled in 1960 for the creation of the MacLean Park public housing development. The Strathcona Residents’ Association describes it this way:

Despite protests from Chinese property owners led by Foon Sien, Phase One of the city’s Strathcona redevelopment plan begins in 1960, bulldozing 30 acres to build MacLean Park high-rise and the Raymur-Campbell public housing project. An estimated 860 people, excluding boarders and transients, are displaced. Over half this number are Chinese.

The Moon Glow Cabaret and other businesses and residences in the area were no doubt considered by Vancouver’s city planning department to be examples of “blight” – as they viewed Hogan’s Alley, one of the next neighbourhoods in this area to be demolished.

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