The First SeaBus

CVA 780-806 - Harbour Ferry - New. May 1977.

CVA 780-806 – Harbour Ferry – New. May 1977.

The image above is of the first SeaBus to ply the waters of Burrard Inlet between Vancouver and North Vancouver in service of pedestrians. It was no doubt on a trial run when this image was made in May 1977; the official first run of the craft was in June of that year. The colour of the SeaBus in 1977 was quite unlike the current colour scheme. Apparently, it was deemed wise to paint the craft bright orange so it would be easily visible to other ships, across whose path it would cross.

This curiosity appears in the Wikipedia entry for SeaBus:

For the first few years of service, the automated fare machines (the first in Vancouver’s transit system) at the two SeaBus terminals photocopied the rider’s coins onto a cash-register-style receipt, which could become very long if fares were paid in small-denomination coins such as pennies.

(It is a pity that, as of today, the City of Vancouver Archives does not identify this image as showing a “SeaBus” – merely a “Harbour Ferry”.)

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