When Craftsman-Style Homes Ruled Nelson

Str P181.2 - Nelson Street Vancouver, ca1915,  Richard Broadbridge photo.

Str P181.2 – Nelson Street Vancouver, ca1915, Richard Broadbridge photo.

This image of the quiet street of Nelson in the heart of West End, Vancouver, seems to be looking east, from the 2000 block (Chilco Street). The home on the right side of the street with the turret (middle distance) appears to he 1966 Nelson St. (I am indebted to Robert Moen for his help correctly identifying where the image was made).

The most remarkable elements of this photo as compared with today’s Nelson Street are that today’s trees were then tiny saplings, and that there isn’t an apartment block in sight in the image.

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2 Responses to When Craftsman-Style Homes Ruled Nelson

  1. rkmoen says:

    I am enjoying your interesting comments on Vancouver’s history.

    I think that the black and white photo of Nelson Street (Str P181.2 – Nelson Street Vancouver, ca. 1915, Richard Broadbridge photo) is actually the 2000 block of Nelson Street, looking east toward Chilco Street.

    This page on my site (which is a still a work in progress) has some further information on this street, with links to some of the individual houses: https://westendvancouver.wordpress.com/streets-i-to-z/nelson-street/2000-block-nelson-street/

    The turreted house in the middle right of the photo appears to be 1966 Nelson Street: https://westendvancouver.wordpress.com/streets-i-to-z/nelson-street/1900-block-nelson-street/1966-nelson-street/.

    Robert Moen

    • mdm says:

      Thank you for helping me understand where that Nelson St. photo was made. Thanks also for introducing me to your useful blog! I’ll be taking a closer look at it!
      Best regards,

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