Dairy, Apartment Block, Big Box

VPL 20850 Standard Milk Co and Delivery Wagons, 2329 Yukon Street. June 1920. Dominion Photo.

The early image above was made at the 2300 block of Yukon Street (near 7th Avenue  and Cambie Street). Later, this block became less industrial and more residential. The wood frame apartment block which appears below was on the same side of the block (2347 Yukon).

CVA 780-255 – [Apartment building at] 2347 Yukon [Street], 1960-80.

CVA’s date range for this image seems needlessly wide. The yellow vehicle is a Ford Pinto, which started production in 1971; other cars and trucks in the image are, according to expert Wes, of similar vintage or older. License plates are too blurry to be of much direct assistance with dates. But the plates on the Pinto and the Nova SS ahead of it seem to be blue on white and appear not to have any of the post-1985 month/year-of-expiry decals. So I’m going to be conservative and date the image as between 1971 and 1978 (but, given the apparent rust and fading on the Pinto, more likely 1973-78).

 Today, this is part of the site of big box stores, Winners, Home Depot, Save On Foods, and Canadian Tire.

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