George H. Hewitt Co., Ltd.

Detail of Bu N290.2 - [Arts and Crafts building at 576 Seymour Street] 1927, W. J. Moore photo

Detail of Bu N290.2 – Shows George H. Hewitt Co., Ltd.

When I first saw the George H. Hewitt rubber stamp company in the image above, it occurred to me that this was a business that must surely have disappeared with the dawn of the 21st century – until I started to do a little digging and discovered that George H. Hewitt had been in business in Vancouver for some years before this photograph was made (since 1898) and is still around today! The history of the firm is detailed on their website.

A key to the longevity of this ‘stamp’ business (like most businesses, I imagine) is adapting to a changing market. As you will see from Hewitt’s website, they have widened their business to offer, for example, name badges to conference-goers and identity tags for pets.

CVA 371-66 - [George H. Hewitt], ca 1935.

CVA 371-66 – [George H. Hewitt], ca 1935.

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