First Baptist Footie Champs

CVA 99-3593 - First Baptist (Church) Football Team - Junior League Champions 1924-25. 1925. Stuart Thomson photo.

CVA 99-3593 – First Baptist (Church) Football Team – Junior League Champions 1924-25. 1925. Stuart Thomson photo. The names beneath the image are Leonard Wilfred Horton (Who ultimately became manager of Peterson Cowan Elevators in Vancouver; son of RBH), R. Rolston, W. A. Eisner; R. D. Sinclair, Reginald Bertram Horton (Who was a clerk at Smith Davidson & Wright Stationers at Homer & Davie, 1881-1945; team trainer), Lorne Austin Fisher (Who became a sheet metal worker for Terminal Sheet Metal Works in the Dominion Bldg and later became self-employed; 1910-68), A. D. Lockwood, Harold Judson Witter (Salesman for A. MacDonald, a large grocery supplier based at 840 Cambie; 1880-1957; Chair of FBC’s Athletics Dept.), G. Kain; Dr. John Jacob Ross  (1870-1935; FBC’s Pastor), G. Niblo, Reginald Donald Horton (another son of RBH), A. D Sewell (Team Captain), A. D. Hunter, Percy Roland McGregor (Bookkeeper/accountant also, like Witter, employed by grocery supplier A. MacDonald; 1903-59; Team Manager); F. McNeill (Team Mascot).

This photo makes me smile. It was taken in 1925 by one of my favourite early Vancouver photographers, Stuart Thomson, at the present site of First Baptist Church (Burrard and Nelson Streets). The young men in the image were apparently a group of sporty lads associated with FBC who had won the Junior League  Football Championship in 1924-25.

IMG_5443 B O PInder (FBC Archives)

B. O. Pinder. First Baptist Church Archives. n.d.

This photo was made a few years prior to the 1931 fire which all but destroyed the Sanctuary. It was taken at the point where the wing known then as the Sunday School (today called Pinder Hall) met the Sanctuary building (for some context, see the early image of the church building here). As a side note, the person after whom Pinder Hall was named many years later, Sunday School Superintendent B. O. Pinder, was active in church leadership at the time of the image above.

The adults flanking the team in the first row are the ones who make me grin. Mr. McGregor (Manager) does not look like an easy man to please. I have confirmed that he was born in Vancouver, but I think I detect an ancestral Scots burr behind his scowl (believe it or not, he was only 22 years old when this image was made; to my eye, he appears to be at least 30).

Dr. J. J. Ross (Pastor, 1923-29), after whose wife, Georgina, the “Ross Room” would much later be named is on the left. I don’t know what that tag was on JJR’s suit, but to my eye it looks like a modified price tag (although what it was modified to,Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.03.33 AM is a mystery to me. See the closer view of JJR’s lapel at right; I cannot distinguish what it says/portrays. If anyone else can, please let me know)! In any case, it seems all but certain that when Georgina Ross learned that JJR had his photographic portrait taken with this tag-like object hanging off his lapel, she had something to say about it!

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