Georgia Through a Windscreen. . . Dimly

CVA – 2010-006.108 – Grey Cup Decorations Nov 1963 Ernie H. Reksten photo.

The image above seems to have been made through the windscreen of a vehicle that was stopped on Georgia St. for a red light. (Not, in 1963, we may safely assume, taken with the driver’s mobile phone!) It appears to have been shot eastwards from where Bute St. intersects Georgia, probably near dusk (the sun would set behind the driver-photographer’s vehicle).

Much has changed along Georgia. No longer is there a Volkswagen Service centre on the south side of the street, nor is the Shell Oil building on the north side. Today, Coastal Church is the occupant of the former Scientology structure (right foreground); and the Shangri-La today towers over this section of Georgia.

The Grey Cup decorations referred to in the City of Vancouver Archives description seem to have been the large red banners with a Lion Rampant portrayed on one side and ‘B.C’ appearing vertically on the other side. The other team playing in the football game was acknowledged only with the small circular sign affixed to the light pole in the right foreground: “Welcome TiCats”. This referred to the ultimate winners of the 51st Grey Cup, the Hamilton (Ontario) Tiger Cats.

Notably, this was the first CFL championship to include the Lions. The headline on the “Extra” edition of the Vancouver Sun, describing local reaction to the game’s outcome, was “NUTS!”

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