The Quadra Club


CVA 69-21.05 – Crosswalk across W. Georgia Street on Seymour Street. 1972 or 1974. Ernie Fladell photo.

I like this image. It shows a Seymour Street that has largely disappeared. It also shows (just barely) a sign of one of Vancouver’s enduring clubs that had a couple of locations before this address (724 Seymour). I’m referring to the Quadra Club – the sign for which is visible on the left midway up the image (vertical orientation).

The Quadra seems to have been started in about 1925 at 901 West Hastings (where the little green space is, just east of the Vancouver Club, today). By the 1930s it had moved up West Hastings a block to 1021 West Hastings (adjacent to the the 1930-completed Marine Building). Harold Kalman (in Exploring Vancouver: The Architectural Guide, 2012) describes this building as being of Spanish Colonial Revival design (Sharp and Thompson, 1929). By the 1940s, the Quadra Club had moved into its Seymour address. I’m not sure when the Quadra eventually went belly up, but it seems to have ceased operation by the ’60s. There are references on the website of guitarist, Howie James to “resurrecting the old Quadra Club in Vancouver” in the ’60s and ’70s . This isn’t strictly so, however, as the Quadra which he claims to have had a role in reviving was not the Quadra Club, but the Quadra Cabaret (shown below). The Cabaret was in Yaletown on Homer near Nelson.

For more about the Quadra (and its successors), see comments below.

vpl 24915 Quadra Club dining room interior 1939 Dominion Photo

VPL 24915. Quadra Club dining room interior. 1939 Dominion Photo. At its second location adjacent to Marine Building.

CVA 779-E08.30 - 1055 Homer Street 1981.

CVA 779-E08.30 – 1055 Homer Street 1981. Quadra Cabaret.

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3 Responses to The Quadra Club

  1. Sheila says:

    Some more info on the Quadra cabaret. It was before my time, but I remember the older gals talking about it.
    The Quadra: 1055 Homer St

    On Jul 6, 1979, the Quadra opened on this spot, Vancouver’s first–and to this day only–completely lesbian-owned and lesbian-oriented club.

    Owned by Suzan Krieger and Heather Farquahar, the Quadra (re-named Lucy’s by its regulars in its latter days) was extremely popular in the 18 months that it was open. From its pre-drag king acts to its after-hours action in the parking lot next door, the Quadra, perched atop a postal sorting station, left an indelible mark on Vancouver’s gay and lesbian history.

  2. Later,it became Club Sodas, The big easy, and finally the starfish room.

  3. The Quadra was open as a women’s bar from 1979 -1983 not 18 months as mention in the previous comment

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