Answers to ‘Name Those Streets’

Image #1

This is Granville Street. The image was made from elevation near the intersection with Georgia; the camera was facing south. The Vancouver block, Castle Hotel, and the Orpheum and Capitol Theatres are visible (among other landmarks).

As of today’s date, CVA identifies this image as follows:
CVA 1184-992. Crowd Gathered on West Georgia to Watch a Parade. 1942? Jack Lindsay photo.

I suppose one might argue that this description isn’t entirely inaccurate, since there are some people on the sidewalk facing Georgia.  But, in fact, none of Georgia Street is visible in the photo and the principal street plainly is Granville (and that’s where most of the crowd is located that is visible in this image).

Image #2

This is Georgia Street. It was made from close to street level roughly from the intersection with Bute Street; the camera was facing east. The Georgia Medical-Dental Building features prominently on the left side of the street; the Hotel Vancouver looms on the right side with the Ritz Hotel and Begg Motors also visible.

CVA identifies this image as:
CVA 1184-1387. Armoured Car Passing Crowds on Burrard Street During a Military Parade. Oct. 1942. Jack Lindsay photo.

The parade travelled down Burrard Street, too, but certainly not exclusively.

Image #3

This is West Hastings Street at the intersection with Granville Street. The image was made from a standing position in the middle of Hastings, just west of Granville; the camera was facing east. Landmarks in the image include two classic temple banks on opposite corners (NE and SE), the extant RBC and the then-Commerce Bank (today, Birks).

CVA identifies this image as:
CVA 1184-3445. View of the 600 Block West Georgia. 1945? Jack Lindsay photo.

How did you do?

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2 Responses to Answers to ‘Name Those Streets’

  1. Dave 2 says:

    Re #3. My theory is someone thought the sign for the Strand Hotel was a sign for the Strand Theatre

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