Name Those Streets!

I will show below three City of Vancouver Archives (CVA) photos. Each photo has been wrongly identified by CVA.

Your challenge (if I may borrow from the theme of a 1950s-80s U.S. television network game show) is to correctly Name Those Streets! You have 24 hours in which to enter your responses. I will post the correct locations then. (Sorry, there is no cash prize; the only prize is the satisfaction of knowing that you have bested CVA!)

Here are the your images:

CVA 1184-992 - [Crowd gathered on West Georgia (sic - Granville, in fact) to watch a parade] 1942 Jack Lindsay photo-2

Image #1

CVA 1184-1387 - [Armoured car passing crowds on Burrard (sic - Georgia Street, in fact) Street during a military parade] 1942 Jack Lindsay photo

Image #2.

CVA 1184-3445 - [View of the 600 block West Georgia] (sic - West Hastings at Granville in fact) 1945? Jack Lindsay photo.

Image #3.

Name Those Streets!

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3 Responses to Name Those Streets!

  1. jmv says:


    Classic triple play!

  2. (Mrs.) Nancy Nelson says:

    Oh, my yes! This is the first time I’ve seen this — it is now April 2017 — but as a child I used shank’s mare all OVER Vancouver — and knew these 3 immediately! Such memories they evoke! Spent SO many hours in the Capitol, Orpheum (oh, loved going down those magnificent stairways!) and the Vogue! Now, across from them was the Top Hat Cafe on the corner — with fresh fruit salads/soft ice cream’ served in wooden bowls featured! Any one else remember that? And — there was another movie theater just a few doors from it —–hmmmm — can’t think of it right off — might it have been the Park?

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