Name Those Streets!

I will show below three City of Vancouver Archives (CVA) photos. Each photo has been wrongly identified by CVA.

Your challenge (if I may borrow from the theme of a 1950s-80s U.S. television network game show) is to correctly Name Those Streets! You have 24 hours in which to enter your responses. I will post the correct locations then. (Sorry, there is no cash prize; the only prize is the satisfaction of knowing that you have bested CVA!)

Here are the your images:

CVA 1184-992 - [Crowd gathered on West Georgia (sic - Granville, in fact) to watch a parade] 1942 Jack Lindsay photo-2

Image #1

CVA 1184-1387 - [Armoured car passing crowds on Burrard (sic - Georgia Street, in fact) Street during a military parade] 1942 Jack Lindsay photo

Image #2.

CVA 1184-3445 - [View of the 600 block West Georgia] (sic - West Hastings at Granville in fact) 1945? Jack Lindsay photo.

Image #3.

Name Those Streets!

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2 Responses to Name Those Streets!

  1. jmv says:


    Classic triple play!

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