Find the Errors

If you’ve been following VanAsItWas for awhile, you’ll recall that a few months ago, we played Name Those Streets. This consisted of me showing three images which were misidentified by the City of Vancouver Archives (CVA) as to their street locations.*

Today’s post is a variant on that theme. However, the errors pertain more broadly to the info provided by CVA. The archivists may have erred in the street location, or in some other aspect of the photo’s description. I will play fair, however. I’ll provide all of the info that CVA provides so you can make a decision as to what the error is and (if you’re ‘on the ball’) what the correct info ought to be.


  • Title: The Facade of the Marine Building
  • Year: 1929


  • Title: CPR Team Tracks Pender St.
  • Year: 1959
  • Scope and content: “Photograph shows the Dunsmuir Viaduct.”


  • Title: View of buildings in the 300 block West Georgia Street looking East from Homer Street.
  • Year: 1948
  • Scope and content: “Photograph shows Hopps Sign Co. nLtd. (375 Georgia) and a street light.”

Answers will appear in tomorrow’s post.


*As of the date of publication of today’s post – 4 months after Name Those Streets was posted – none of the three errors then identified have been corrected.

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3 Responses to Find the Errors

  1. Daniel says:

    1. Georgia Medical Dental Building (Art Deco by the same Architect as Marine Building, so an easy mistake too make!)
    2. CPR Team? As in their cricket team? Croquet? But I believe that’s the Georgia Viaduct, not Dunsmuir. Not sure if that’s the real problem, but I came across this interesting incident in my search for answers: That would wake you up, if you were working in the building!
    3. No street lights in sight, but there is a Second Beach Pool. The playground nearby, with the miniature roadway (which I think is gone now) always made me want to be a kid again, learning to ride my trike! Also, I didn’t know that the play area was shaped like a ship – cool!

  2. Gary Sim says:

    For photo number 2 my guess is that it is a view of the Connaught Viaduct (Cambie Bridge) looking at the north end from the west, down by the train tracks, roundhouse out of sight to the right. Note Halse-Martin Construction sign on the shack lower left, they are still in business and might have the history to know what they were working on then.

  3. mdm says:

    Thanks for pitching in. I’m not convinced that this isn’t Georgia Viaduct (no. 1). The patern in the concrete rail matches gv (no.1).

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