Classic Images: Update

1936 John Vanderpant. The Silent City

John Vanderpant. The Silent City. 1936.

H. Mortimer Lamb Mine Buildings, BC

Harold Mortimer Lamb. The Silent City. Mine Buildings, BC,

These two images are, in my judgement, outstanding examples of pictorial photography (or camera work as art). Both were made by Vancouver photographers: Harold Mortimer-Lamb was an amateur; John Vanderpant a professional. But when looking at these two lovely images, such labels become irrelevant. They speak only to how a person earns their daily bread, rather than to skill or compositional eye.

The first photograph reminds me of the former Britannia Mines, but I have no way of knowing whether that was where the image was made. The second, I’m pretty sure, was made in the City of Vancouver.

August 3rd, 2016 Update

I’ve just noticed an image made by Leonard Frank in the same year as Harold Mortimer-Lamb (from what appears to be an identical vantage point – although with Frank’s quite different, ‘sharp and shiny’/f64, photographic take on it). The photo is identified as Premier Mine (near Stewart, Portland Canal, BC). This is a much more distant and remote location from Vancouver than is Britannia Mine. For more information about the Premier Mine, see here.

Premier Mine near Portland Canal, BC 1927. Leonard Frank photo

Premier Mine near Portland Canal, BC 1927. Leonard Frank photo. From An Enterprising Life: Leonard Frank Photographs 1895-1944. Cyril E. Leonoff. Vancouver: Talon Books, 1990, p. 120.

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