Department Store Dining

Updated September, 2016



CVA 809-27 – Woodwards Dining Room [at Hastings Street and Abbott Street] ca 1910.

This is an early Vancouver interior shot of the Woodward’s dining room in what is today East Vancouver, but at the time was considered by most residents to be ‘downtown’.

The Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company)

CVA 99-4070 – Hudson’s Bay Company [interior of store at 674 Granville Street]. 1931. Stuart Thomson photo.

This is how the Hudson’s Bay Company dining room appeared in the 1930s. I have now confirmed (with the helpful tip from a reader of VAIW; see comment below) that this 1930s location was on the top floor of The Bay (the 6th), but that it was in a different section of that floor than the dining room which I recall (before it was closed in 2013). The dining area which I remember looked out on Holy Rosary Cathedral and other such structures to the north and east of The Bay. The 1930s photo above, however, is located in the northwest corner of the 6th floor. The key to identifying where the photo was taken is the skylight (which is still on that floor; currently, men’s jackets and slacks are located beneath the skylight.)


View of the northwest corner of The Bay (Men’s Wear, today). The 1930s location of the Dining Room on the 6th Floor. Author’s photo.

The skylight is visible from above in the Google Street View shown below.


A Google view of the exterior The Bay from above (looking from the northeast). The skylight is visible near the top right corner. Google Maps, 2016.

T. Eaton Company (Formerly Spencer’s)


The Marine Room in Eaton’s when it was in Spencer’s former location at West Hastings and Richards. Postcard from author’s collection.

Outlook onto Burrard Inlet and the North Shore from the Marine Room, the dining room of the T. Eaton Company’s flagship store in Vancouver. This was formerly Spencer’s (at the site of today’s Harbour Centre) from 1907-48. Eaton’s took over this location when Spencer’s closed in 1948 and remained here until 1972 when it moved to its final Vancouver location at the corner of Robson and Granville (anchor of Pacific Centre Mall) until 1999.

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3 Responses to Department Store Dining

  1. lhhouben says:

    The Hudson’s Bay Dining Room was on the top floor, but not in the same location as the one that closed in 2013. If you visit that floor today I believe the beautiful wooden ceiling is still there. It used to be in the furniture dept located to the left of the modern dining room as you stood in front of it. In the 1990’s the Christmas display (which was astounding) was set up in that area. I have photos somewhere. The next time I’m downtown I’ll check it out to see if it’s still there.

  2. lhhouben says:

    I’m glad you had a chance to go and see it and get a good photo. When the Christmas displays used to be up there, it was truly spectacular, and that’s when I first noticed the ceiling. The Google map image of the skylight from the roof is neat! I’d never have thought of looking for it.

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