A Bunch of Characters


CVA 1376-509 – [The Daily Province delivery boys in front of the building at 420 Cambie Street] ca1925.

These newsboys are a charming lot. The very few adults in the frame are in the background and in most cases, largely obscured by the boys. I spot only one boy who is a visible minority – the black boy apparently resting one of his arms on the mutt. I don’t see any Asians. One boy, in the back row, near the centre, is pointing at the (unknown) photographer with his index finger; he and his colleagues seemed to have had a significant dose of attitude! Small wonder that certain eateries in town made it clear that newsboys were to “Keep Out!”

This entry to the Daily Province building (420 Cambie) appears to be the entry to the Edgett wing of the newspaper complex – named after Edgett Bros. grocers, for whom the building was originally constructed; the other wing, across the lane, was known as the Carter-Cotton building – named for the publisher of the News-Advertiser newspaper which originally was in that structure. It looks to me like today’s entry to the former Edgett building is located roughly where this entry to the Daily Province was (where the Architecture Centre is today – 440 Cambie), albeit with a much less grand entry than the archway that was there when this image was made.


VPL 40055A. Pacific Press Building. 1966. David C. Paterson photo.

The Province used the Carter-Cotton/Edgett buildings until it shifted over to the custom-designed Pacific Press building at 2250 Granville (along with the Sun) in 1965. That building, in turn, was closed in 1997 and the newspaper headquarters were moved north to the foot of Granville Street (200 Granville).

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3 Responses to A Bunch of Characters

  1. Bill Reimer says:

    Thanks, M. Excellent!

  2. lhhouben says:

    Love the pic; they sure do have attitude!

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