Lionel Haweis: Artist


Lionel Haweis. cdm.arphotos.1-0020705full. Staff, UBC Library.jpg

Lionel T. J. Haweis (1870-1942) was born in England to Rev. Hugh Reginald Haweis (1838-1901) and Mary Eliza Haweis (nee Joy) (1848-1898). Hugh preached at St James Church, Marylebone in London, but was known widely as a lecturer and author on music topics. Mary was from an artistic family and wrote books for women and children and created pen and ink illustrations for her work as well as that published by Hugh.

Lionel was the eldest of three children born to the couple. The other children were Stephen (1878-1969), an artist, and daughter Hugolin (1881-1957), a writer and singer in England. Lionel ran a couple of photographic studios in Vancouver, was a librarian at UBC, and was known for his poetic and dramatic efforts¹. For a summation of Lionel’s life and work, see here.

To the best of my knowledge, however, Lionel is not known for his illustrations. One reason for that is probably that his brother, Stephen, was “the artist” in the family. Also, I suspect that growing up in the home he did, and in the (Victorian) period, illustrating with pen and ink was considered by him to be a basic skill (sort of like having a rudimentary understanding of the piano and the C-major scale).

I’m including, below, the pen and ink illustrations I found in a booklet that Haweis produced in the 1920s, titled Seeds; it seems never to have been published.² It is a monograph which includes a single-page poem (the poem is not included below) and these several illustrations. The poem and illustrations are assembled loosely within paper wrappers, not as a bound book.

I’m not an expert on illustrations, but I know what I like. Haweis’ ink illustrations strike me as being  very good – especially considering that they are the work of someone who was an amateur in this field.


¹An example of his dramatic writing was The Rose of Persia. One of his poetic pieces was Tsoqalem: The Cowichan Monster (An Indian Legend)which was available for sale “at all book stores” for 75 cents at Christmas, 1917.

²Seeds is included in the Rare Book and Special Collections holdings at UBC Library. It is part of the Vancouver Vagabonds collection.

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  1. lhhouben says:

    The illustrations are lovely!

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