Kids’ Hospital on Haro Street

Update (First Posted: August 2017)

CVA 99-225 - Children's Hospital - Haro Street 1919 Stuart Thomson

CVA 99-225 – Children’s Hospital at 1154 Haro Street. 1919. Stuart Thomson.

The children’s hospital shown above was the Infants’ Department of Vancouver General Hospital. It was at this location from about 1917 until about 1950. (For a couple of years prior to 1917, there was something called The City Creche at 1152/1154 Haro. I have no idea what this was.)

I assume the reason the Infants’ Department was located here – quite distant from the main campus of VGH in Fairview – was due to space limits. The Fairview site was, until 1925, sharing space with UBC. The Eburne Annex was probably situated in Marpole (across from the Marpole Interurban station – the Marpole Loop, today) for a related reason.

I have stumbled across this entry (while seeking something else) in J. S. Matthews’ Early Vancouver (Volume 7, p.149; Matthews was the City of Vancouver’s first archivist), where he comments on the early VGH (incorporated 1902). After detailing the capacity of the Fairview campus, he remarks:

In addition, there was the Maternity institution in a separate building somewhere up towards Burrard Street. Beginner nurses trained there. I do not know how many beds.

I suspect it was the Haro Street building to which Matthews was referring.


Centre Plaza (at 1160 Haro St). 1154 Haro is adjacent to this residential tower and is today a parking garage servicing the residents of the tower. 2017. Author’s photo.

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2 Responses to Kids’ Hospital on Haro Street

  1. Ron says:

    The use as a hospital would appear to derive from its prior use as a daycare:

    The Vancouver City Creche was established in 1910 by the Associated Charities to provide a daycare centre for the children of working women. In 1912 the Creche became a public institution under the Health Department and new quarters were provided. In 1917 the Creche building was transferred to the Infant’s Hospital and Creche was moved into the former Old People’s Home on Cambie Street. In 1932 the Creche was closed and the activities taken over by the foster home plan of the Vancouver Day Nursery Association.

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