Comfort’s 1954 Portraits at UBC


The Charles Comfort Portraits of 1954: Lemuel F. Robertson, Henry F. Angus, Hector J. MacLeod, Harry T. Logan, Chancellor Sherwood Lett, and Otis J. Todd. (UBC Archives Photograph Collection).

This is just a line to accompany the images of the portraits shown above. It was learned this week that these six images of UBC faculty and officials (which had been shown in UBC’s Archival Collections as painted by “unknown” in an “unknown” year were in fact painted by Charles Comfort (1900-1994) in 1954. Comfort was brought to the west coast by UBC (he was professor of art and archeology at the University of Toronto at the time) for 10 weeks of painting these portraits in oils (Sun, 19 Aug 1954).

These UBC records have now been updated.

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2 Responses to Comfort’s 1954 Portraits at UBC

  1. Bobby says:

    Yeah! The first four are Scots!

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