Kolster’s Radio Musicians

Publicity Postcard: Kolster Musicians – CKWX Radio, Vancouver. n.d. (1929?) K. G. McKenzie (619 Granville) photo. The announcer standing at the microphone is CKWX manager/announcer, Harold W. Paulson. MDM Collection.
Publicity Postcard: Kolster’s Musicians (rear of postcard shown above with notes).

The eight-person musical group shown above is Kolster’s Musicians. They were a group of Vancouver people who were assembled to play music on CKWX Radio (Vancouver) for their principal sponsor, Kolster Radios. Kolster was a U.S. brand radio, distributed in B.C. by the Canadian Fairbanks-Morse Company, Ltd.

The program always includes a bright march, an overture, a late popular release as well as a group of popular numbers of a few years ago . . . . [T]he listener is therefore treated to a splendid variety of music . . .

Sun, 14 Sept 1929

An identifiable member of Kolster’s Musicians seems to be pianist and band leader (later the musical director of CKWX’s Concert Orchestra), Harold A. Copley (ca1893-1941) (Province, 6 July 1930). Copley was was formerly the organist at St. Saviour’s Church (Sun, 14 Sept 1929).

The host pictured at the CKWX microphone was Harold W. Paulson (1899-1983), “director and chief announcer” at the radio station (Sun, 25 Aug 1928).

The others shown in the photo are not identifiable by me. If readers of VAIW recognize someone pictured, please let me know by commenting below.

CVA 99-3810 – Fairbanks Morse – Kolster Radio Window ca1930 Stuart Thomson.
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