Beatrice Shaw, Vancouver Vaudevillian, Dies on New York Stage

Beatrice Shaw. Daily News. 5 March 1924.

Beatrice Amelia Shaw (1901-1924), daughter of William Arthur Shaw (1866-1923) and Amanda Nelson (1876-1950) died in 1924 in New York City on stage, apparently due to heart disease. She was performing as one of “the Dale Sisters” in the International Perfume Exhibition at the 71st Regiment Armory.* Her act consisted of her dancing “eccentrically” while playing the soprano saxophone. An audience of some 1500 people watched as she danced and played her sax. Suddenly, she fainted, collapsing to the stage floor. “Restoratives” were applied by physicians, but she was pronounced dead when ambulance attendants arrived.

A few minutes before her collapse, Beatrice was photographed kissing a newspaper reporter as a demonstration of the ”kiss-proof” rouge manufactured by the cosmetics firm which sponsored the vaudeville act (Sun 5 March 1924).

Beatrice attended Sacred Heart Academy in West Point Grey in her younger years and later attended the Cumnock Hall School of Expression in Los Angeles where she studied violin with Russian-born violinist, Gregor Cherniavsky (1887-1926). She then went to Chicago and New York City where she further pursued musical studies (Sun 5 March 1924). In 1922, Beatrice took part in in the Vancouver Orpheum Theatre’s one-third of a century anniversary performance.

Her father, who predeceased Bearice by almost exactly a year, was the owner of Vancouver’s Strand Hotel (on West Hastings) and business partner with Harry Duker (1886-1982) in Duker & Shaw, Ltd., a major outdoor advertising (billboard) concern in the city.

Beatrice Shaw’s remains were returned to Vancouver and buried in Ocean View Burial Park in Burnaby.


* The Dale Sisters were not truly sisters. They were a trio of unrelated people — Margaret Ranelle, Helen Leopold, and of course, Beatrice Shaw.

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  1. Bill Paul says:

    Thanks for this post. Recently I looked at your post on Street Vendors.
    I have a question. Do happen to know how long a Popcorn Vendor has been on Beach Avenue near the entrance to Stanley Park?
    Bill Paul

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