This site had its beginning in February 2014. It is a record of my journey of learning about local Vancouver history (and now has more than 550 posts).

I’ve made an effort to ensure that the information conveyed here is as accurate as I can make it and in some small way to shed new light on each subject treated. If you are interested, please join me on this venture of discovery and learning!

For a few examples of another, earlier project, see the videos here: Vancouver Street Corner Histories.



14 Responses to About

  1. jmv says:

    I have to say it, your blog is totally underrated! You’ve had some brilliant posts, and I ought to be paying more attention and sharing more often!

  2. Really enjoyable site. Well presented. Keep up the good work here.

  3. I have spent hundreds of hours looking through the VPLs Historical Photos collection and, apparently, I need to visit the archives because your samples are really great, and many are of things I haven’t seen elsewhere. If you happen to see a delivery van like the one included at the link below, please let me know. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing what you post.


  4. Reilly Burke says:

    FWIW, the photo of the Court House Paint In with the MG roadster is backwards. Regardless, I enjoyed the photos

    • mdm says:

      You’re correct. CVA occasionally scans the image incorrectly. I’ve made the change on my site, however. Thanks for noticing and commenting!

  5. Gary Sim says:

    re Fine Work by Unknown Artist from Waitt’s VIEWS BRITISH COLUMBIA & ALASKA

    The publication is a Leporello album, printed c1889. The first image of Victoria is signed “Louis Glaser, Leipzig.” (6mm wide x .5mm high) The images are actually lithographs, printed from 5 or more stones each, from an image separated into tonal values (not colour) by Glaser’s employees (up to 200 at one time).using the Glaser method which he developed. The lighter colours are printed first, the darkest last, with the darker colours being printed in glossier ink, giving the images an appearance of depth. The photographer is currently unknown to me for this album. Glaser is supposed to have printed 300 such albums for 200 different publishers around the world, and at one time also had an office in New York (probably not where he printed). He also did thousands of postcards. I purchased a VIEWS online and inspected it closely. The signature is not visible in the posted image, and most pages have multiple images (not as posted).

  6. jmv says:

    Nice work Gary!

  7. Christine Watson says:

    I’ve just been cleaning my bookshelves and found a tiny little book called “Recollections of Early Vancouver in My Childhood 1893 – 1912 by Dr. Gladys C. Schwesinger, Ph. D.” I am an inveterate Value Village snooper and must have found it there. I will keep it aside for you if you would like it. I think I probably have other obscure publications on my shelves, as well. I’m a retired English teacher but used to teach Social Studies now and then. The Schwesinger book consists of detailed recollections and photographs. I also have the giant history of the Shaw family,
    if you’d like that. You are archiving history. I am just collecting books. Thank you, by the way, for your wonderful site.

  8. Elke Porter says:

    Hi, I am just wondering if I could “borrow” some of your work for one particular listing. I am writing a book myself and would give you credit, of course.

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