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Menacing Mollusks Munch Maritime Piles

The beastie shown above has been known as a “teredo,” sometimes with an additional descriptor — “worm” — tacked on at the end. They aren’t worms, although they do bear a striking resemblance; they are mollusks. Technically, they are called Teredo … Continue reading

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“What the…?”

I think this is a terrific shot made by some (today unknown) soul with enough spunk to see the potential of the shot and to just shoot it (in a day when camera technology didn’t often reward such spontaneity)! A … Continue reading

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Shipcraft on Human Scale

This photo is of the hull of a small pleasure craft under construction at Vancouver’s Shipyards at the opening of the 1930s (and located then at the corner of Georgia and Thurlow, near where the Shangrila building is today). A decade later, … Continue reading

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Marine Chain Manufacturing

My friend, Wes, has knowledge on a wide range of topics – from cars to aircraft to, evidently, welding processes. I asked him today if he had any idea what the manufacturing steps were that were illustrated in these Vancouver … Continue reading

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Fisherman’s Union

Untitled art. Fisherman’s Union Building (1968), Leonard Epp artist. This pre-cast concrete relief triptych is on three sides of the former Fisherman’s Union building (1968) at NE corner East Hastings and Hawkes (today, home to AIDS Vancouver). According to Steil’s and Stalker’s … Continue reading

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Gulf of Georgia Towing

The images above and below show the Gulf of Georgia Towing Co. from different angles. The one above is looking from west of the second Granville Bridge (the swing-span bridge that crossed false creek prior to the construction of the present … Continue reading

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The First SeaBus

The image above is of the first SeaBus to ply the waters of Burrard Inlet between Vancouver and North Vancouver in service of pedestrians. It was no doubt on a trial run when this image was made in May 1977; the … Continue reading

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Varied Skyline Views from Burrard Inlet

Each of these images was made from somewhat different vantage points, but all were made from or across Burrard Inlet. The 1916 WJ Moore panorama photo shows one of the very early skyline images of Vancouver with a skyline – … Continue reading

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Crossing the Inlet

This post celebrates the launch this week of Sea Otter II, the newest among the vessels that ply the waters of Burrard Inlet between Waterfront Station (Vancouver) and Lonsdale Quay (North Vancouver) for SeaBus. For more information about SO2, including … Continue reading

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Burrard Inlet Waterfront Reclamation

These two images, made 78 years apart, were taken from roughly the same location. It is apparent from these images that in the years since the 1930s, much commercial waterfront land has been ‘reclaimed’ by building up and northwards. In … Continue reading

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Skyline: On the Cusp

Within a few years of the approximate date of this image (1983), Vancouver’s downtown skyline along False Creek would change, utterly. A key change driver would be Expo ’86 and all of the building that followed in its wake. A significant part of the construction was happening … Continue reading

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1885: View of Brockton Point from Foot of Thurlow

This photograph (CVA Wat P38) was the work of Lauchlan A. Hamilton. In my judgement, it is one of the most attractive early images available from the digital collection of the City of Vancouver Archives (CVA). Mr Hamilton lived in … Continue reading

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