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“Not the Symbol, but the Living Presence…”

These images marked the first visit to Vancouver by a reigning Canadian monarch just a few months before the declaration of war with Germany by both Canada and Britain. There is an episode of CBC Radio’s Rewind which is a sort of … Continue reading

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Scenic Subterranean Studio 20

The above portrait is of gently eccentric Jurgen Gothe (1944-2015), during his years as CBC Radio’s host of DiscDrive. He died in April. DiscDrive was produced from what Gothe regularly referred to on-air as “Scenic Subterranean Studio 20” in Vancouver’s CBC building at … Continue reading

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‘Tame’ Big Band

I have been a big fan of the ‘big band’ music genre for many years (when friends were wild about KISS in the 1970s, I was nuts for Benny Goodman), but Wayne King was not a band leader with whose … Continue reading

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Jack Peach

Jack Peach (1913-93) was, I now realize, an  important early influence on my love of historical subjects. Growing  up in southern Alberta, my bedroom radio was typically tuned to CBC Calgary in the morning and I remember hearing Jack Peach’s historical … Continue reading

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