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Turn On Your Headlights for Car Service

This is an unusual photo. I’ve seen other photos taken from Smithe or thereabouts on Burrard Street (such as the one that appears below) with the White Spot neon signage displayed. But this is the only image I’ve seen of … Continue reading

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No Bull! The Conversion of Black Motors to Black’s Restaurant

The NE corner of Georgia and Richards is currently occupied by an office block (475 W Georgia). The building itself is not remarkable. It is distinguished by a sculpture of a life-sized bull which eyes the property kitty-corner from the building (Telus Gardens). … Continue reading

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Corrected Image by Horizontal Flip

It can be disorienting when a historical image’s negative is printed from the wrong side. By viewing the image to the right, you can see the way the image appears on CVA as of mid-February, 2017. (That the image was … Continue reading

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Cafes and Bookshops – Two of My Favourite Things

Paper Hound (344 W Pender) books is located on the site of what was for several decades a cafe in Vancouver’s ‘book row’. Most recently (ca 1989-2002), it was White Rose Cafe (evocatively shown in the drawing above by Keith McKellar). Before that, it was … Continue reading

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The Hastings MEATS Puzzle

The first time I laid eyes on this photo, I saw the prominently displayed “MEATS” sign and immediately assumed I was looking at an early version of the Save On Meats sign – where it is today on the north side … Continue reading

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Department Store Dining

Updated September, 2016 Woodward’s This is an early Vancouver interior shot of the Woodward’s dining room in what is today East Vancouver, but at the time was considered by most residents to be ‘downtown’. The Bay (Hudson’s Bay Company) This … Continue reading

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Ye Little Brown Inn

Yesterday, I was looking at a printout of Sheet 16 of Goad’s Fire Insurance Atlas of Vancouver (March 1920) when I noticed the name of a business that was new to me: “Little Brown Inn”. What could that be, I … Continue reading

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Ernest Augustus Muling, French Chef

Ernest Augustus Muling (1861-1949) was a Frenchman by birth (in Blumenau), an Englishman by nationality, and a chef by profession. He came to Vancouver from Brisbane, Australia where he seems to have spent his twenties and early thirties and where … Continue reading

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Happiness Cafe and Neighbours

I love this Walter Frost image for several reasons. But my three principal reasons appear below. First of all it shows a city block that was on the cusp of huge change. Within a few years of the making of this photo, this … Continue reading

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When Flying Was Still Exotic

This image is one of several available online at VPL showing Clancy’s Sky Diner Cafe. This unusual cafe took clever advantage of the long, narrow space to create the impression of an aircraft fuselage. The Sky Diner seems to have been … Continue reading

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Canterbury Coffee Shop

This photo makes me smile. It shows one of my favourite things (a coffee shop) on one of my most frequented walking streets (Burrard) and features a marching band, to boot! The band appears to be on one of the … Continue reading

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Neilson’s Chocolate – Almost Makes Being Ill Seem Like a Treat

The sweetest drug of all – chocolate – brought to you by Neilson’s at Burn’s Drugs Co. Burns Drugs was in a building adjacent to the Vancouver Block (sharing space in 1920 with West End Nurseries). Neilson’s is a Canadian dairy success story.

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The Quadra Club

I like this image. It shows a Seymour Street that has largely disappeared. It also shows (just barely) a sign of one of Vancouver’s enduring clubs that had a couple of locations before this address (724 Seymour). I’m referring to the Quadra … Continue reading

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The Arctic Club

The Arctic Club was one of several cocktail and supper clubs that were part of Vancouver in the late 1940s and 1950s (the Palomar and the World were two other examples). According to some remembrances of the place on the Vancouver Jazz Forum, … Continue reading

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The Burger with the Brand (1954)

These photos were made by Artray apparently to accompany advertising copy. These two were part of a series of several similar images.

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Oyster Bay Cafe

I walked past the new Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar (part of the Sutton Place Hotel establishment (on Burrard Street near Robson Street) and I wondered how long this oyster-consuming place would survive. I was reminded, then, of what I … Continue reading

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The 29-cent Burger!

My, how this corner has changed! A bargain burger joint and a bank have today given way to a variety bargain shop (Winners) and an electronics vendor (Future Shop). The slightly ramshackle-looking building down Robson from the Royal Bank is the Orillia … Continue reading

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