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Victory on 500 Block of West Hastings

This is a very nice image made by Jack Lindsay, probably on VE or VJ Day.* The photographer was on ground level for this shot, standing in a vacant parking spot in front of the Bank of Toronto building (later, the … Continue reading

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The Old Cecil

I refer in this post to the “old” Cecil Hotel (on the north side of 100 block West Hastings Street) to help distinguish it from the newer Cecil Hotel with which most Vancouver contemporaries are probably more aware – the one on Granville near … Continue reading

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The Gifted Mr. Bradbury

A real pleasure for me in this photo-historical adventure I’ve called VanAsItWas is in discovering and re-discovering crisp, well-exposed images that speak of an attention to detail and a real concern (whether consciously or not) for issues that would ultimately be … Continue reading

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Salon as Clinic . . . Enduring Myth

This ’30s image is a reminder to me of the myth (which endures today, albeit in different form) of an implied near equivalence of hygiene standards between the purveyors of beauty products and those of medicine. Witness, above, the white … Continue reading

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Early Vancouver Art Gallery

This is an early incarnation of the Vancouver Art Gallery (which was housed at this time in the same building as the City Museum (the ancestor of the Museum of Vancouver) and the Vancouver Public Library. All three were in … Continue reading

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Moonlit Night After Late Shift

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I Can Live on Peanuts…

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E. A. Morris

The E. A. Morris block has been restored to appear much as it looked in 1938 (to get some idea of how much restoration work was required, have a look at version of this building in 1974 that housed The … Continue reading

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