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Bridge Tender’s Nightmare Made Worse?

Bridge Tenders There were, once upon a time in early Vancouver, many bridge tenders. Who was a bridge tender? He (I’ve never heard of a female bridge tender in Greater Vancouver) was the person responsible for swinging the span on … Continue reading

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A. J. Davis, Vancouver Painter

The painting above was purchased by my good friend, Wes, at a thrift store, recently. He didn’t know who the artist was nor anything of his story. He just liked the painted rendering of the portrait. A bit of digging online revealed that the painting … Continue reading

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Trim That Carbon!

These BCER employees were part of the Arc Lamp Department and their job was to “trim” – i.e., replace – the two carbon rods that were the principal components of carbon arc street lights of Vancouver in the late 1800s and early … Continue reading

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