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Oddball in Buckram (Part the Third)

In this post and the next, I’ll reveal some of the characters associated with The Book of Roberts and, especially, those whose signatures appear on the little pamphlet that was tucked into my copy. Alfred M. Pound: An Important Character … Continue reading

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UBC’s Main Library (aka Barber Learning Centre) as it Was

If this view of the UBC Main Library (today known as the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) seems strange, it shouldn’t be surprising. It has been awhile since the library building and environs have appeared this way. The main entrance of … Continue reading

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‘Battle of the Jowls’? (or ‘Singing from a Different Hymnal’)?

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Reg Rose

Reg Rose was born in England in 1901 and came to Canada in 1912. After serving in the Royal Canadian Volunteer Reserves, 1916-19, and taking several short-term jobs, he began working for the YMCA, serving in Calgary, Lethbridge and Edmonton as the Secretary of that organization. In … Continue reading

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Pierre Berton (1920-2004) at UBC

For a pretty good summation of Berton’s life and accomplishments, see this CBC television news broadcast on the occasion of his death.

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Sedgewick to the Fourth Power

In these times when the almighty dollar is king, the norm is that he/she/they who donate the largest wad of cash to the construction of a building gets it named after him/her/them. This appears not to have been the case at … Continue reading

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Anglican Theological College, (Chancellor Building) UBC

Anglican Theological College (1927-71) appears above the Main Library (now called Irving K. Barber Learning Centre) in a structure known as the Chancellor Building. Union College (later known as Vancouver School of Theology), with which ATC would merge in 1971, appears to the … Continue reading

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Van High – McGill University College – UBC

UBC was not created in a single sweeping act. It came to be in piecemeal fashion.  Vancouver High School (shown below in its first incarnation at corner of Dunsmuir and Cambie, with Central School in the background) was where UBC … Continue reading

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The Helliwells

This image shows an interior room of the home at 916 Cardero Street in Vancouver in about 1908. The BC directory for that year indicates that this was the home of John F(rederic) Helliwell. (An exterior photo of the home appears at the … Continue reading

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PET at MOA: 1976

I’ve been remembering, recently, the dominant national political personality during my formative years, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. I could not find any images of Trudeau in the City of Vancouver Archives, but I found this rather good photo in UBC Library’s Digital Collection of his June 1976 visit … Continue reading

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