Gordon Poppy

I regret to report, for those of you who are not already aware of it, that Vancouver’s gentleman-artist-historian, Gordon Poppy, has passed away. Gordon has had several mentions in VanAsItWas over the years, including this one which featured Gordon’s window displays in 1954 in which the B.C. Lions were featured.

As a final tribute to my friend, this post will share some other images which he was generous enough to allow me to produce while I was visiting him at his home about a year ago. These are of other Eaton’s window displays with which he was involved over the years.

This display was evidently intended to encourage onlookers to “Look Your Best This Easter”. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
I’m not sure whether or not this was part of the same year’s display above. But it certainly emphasizes bunnies! n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
As does this one! n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
The handwritten caption says it all. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
I’m not sure whether this one was also part of the Eaton’s “British Promotion” or if this was a Christmas display. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
This is the first in a series of four photos showing the results of vandalism at Eaton’s windows. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
Tidying up the mess left by vandals. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
Sweeping up. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
“Come on, me dearie, this is no place for you to hang about.” n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
This toadstool display (with mice and the ubiquitous bunny) was another Easter window. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
This window was probably meant to celebrate the onset of spring (and spring fashions). n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
I’m assuming this one was a Christmas window. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
Probably not celebrating any special season. Likely just to advertise the clothes on these hip chicks. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
A window featuring some of the technology which Canada brought to the war theatre? n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
I think this was one of Gordon’s favourite displays. The characters in the window were composed principally of handkerchiefs. n.d. Gordon Poppy Collection.
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4 Responses to Gordon Poppy

  1. Marni Crossley says:

    So sad he has died! so enjoyed his many stories! Especially the story about the Elgar Choir and Mr. Findlater, I actually sang in the choir and am In the picture included in the article! May he Rest In Peace . Thanks, Marni Crossley, Ottawa.

  2. Judy Graves says:

    Thank you Gordon Poppy! I remember some of these window displays, some from when I was a kid. And one when i was about 16, and so impressed with the sophisticated fashions..

  3. Neil Whaley says:

    Gordon Poppy was a true gent, and it was a pleasure to hear him talk about the window displays. The Rolls Royce balancing on the tea cups is amazing. Gordon talked about having live birds in some of the springtime displays — equally amazing.

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