NOT a Winning ‘Campaign Promise’!

Crop of CVA 800-2100 - [Description in Progress] n.d. Alan J. Ingram photo

Crop of CVA 800-2100 – [Description in Progress] n.d. Alan J. Ingram photo.

There is what appears to be a slogan on the wall of the Clowes Building (with my thanks to the comment from ChangingCity below), on Granville Street north of Davie, for Robert Reeds, erstwhile Mayoral candidate in the 1970 civic election. It seems to claim that Reeds will, if successful in his bid for the Mayor’s job, make sure that there is “Country Music, Fulltime“!

It seems doubtful that this was, in fact, a campaign slogan. It looks more likely that the “promise” was associated with The Barn – a country music dance spot adjacent to the hotel (with its pink wall facing the camera). But it makes a good story!

Reeds seems to have bailed out of the 1970 election campaign before voting day. He ran in the previous election, however (in 1968) and captured less than 1% of the vote. The winner in 1968 and in 1970 was Tom (“Terrific”) Campbell– the golden-haired boy of Vancouver developers. I suspect Reeds would have been crooning a classic ‘hurtin’ song if he’d remained in the race.

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One Response to NOT a Winning ‘Campaign Promise’!

  1. ChangingCity says:

    That’s the wall of the Clowes Building – a small private rental building a bit further north than the Blackstone. You can just see the ‘ho’ of the Blackstone hotel sign on the right hand edge of the cropped image (and a bit more in the original).

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