Pet/Person Fountain . . . Gone.


Fountain donated by Theresa Galloway in 1986. Was on Robson St near Hornby St until 2016. Author’s photo.

On October 1, 1986 – in Vancouver’s centennial year – this fountain was established on the north side of Robson street, a half-block east of Burrard (in front of the retail space that at that time housed the main store of Duthie’s Books and today is home to Tesla electric automobiles). It was developed as part of the Vancouver Legacies Program. The fountain was sponsored by Mrs. Theresa Galloway.

I noticed earlier this year that the fountain had disappeared from its location. I think it had been a number of years since it was connected to water services and so hadn’t been functional for awhile. But it was doing no harm and was still in good condition, not sullied by graffiti or otherwise marred.

My (unproven) theory is that it was no coincidence that the fountain was spirited away about 30 years after its unveiling. I suspect there was a clause in the agreement between Mrs. Galloway and the City that would ensure the fountain would be maintained for a 30-year period. If I’m right about this, I’d conclude that the City chose to take that contract literally (and negatively) and removed the fountain in 2015 or early 2016.

Theresa Galloway, who was not widely known for suffering fools gladly – whether they be government officials or otherwise – died in 1992, so she wasn’t around to raise a ruckus when the fountain vanished. And judging from what I have been able to discern, there was little fuss raised by others, either.

There are additional photos available on CVA’s site from the October 1986 fountain unveiling day.


CVA 775-189.28 – Unidentified woman, Theresa Galloway, Constable Rob Bosley and police dog Sport at drinking fountain inauguration. October 1, 1986.

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7 Responses to Pet/Person Fountain . . . Gone.

  1. lhhouben says:

    Very interesting; I’d never seen this fountain (or hadn’t noticed it). Well, this is why I love reading your blog!

  2. hleeliu says:

    It’s sad to hear the fountain is gone. For anyone interested, there is a similar structure in the form of a memorial fountain located within Burnaby Village Museum – The Burnaby Civic Employees Memorial Fountain erected in 1923:

  3. Daniel says:

    That looks very similar to one at the foot of Jervis (Harbour Green Park) – I’ll wander over for a look at lunch. Probably not the same one though – it’s been there a while.
    I would think that in this ‘dog city’, it would be very popular. Hopefully the Robson one is just out for refurbishment!

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