Answers to “Find The Errors”

1. CVA 99-3791

The image is not the Marine Building (which is decorated with terra cotta marine features such as seahorses); it is the Georgia Medical-Dental Building (decorated with healthcare-related features (such as the nurse figure at the very top of the building).  

2. CVA 447-335

I don’t honestly know what is meant by the title wording associated with this image.

The Scope and Content portion of this record claims that the “Photograph shows the Dunsmuir Viaduct.” That is an error. There was no such thing as a Dunsmuir Viaduct in 1949; indeed, not until after the second Georgia Viaduct project was completed circa 1971. Prior to that, the Georgia Viaduct carried traffic both east and west. Only after the 1971 project was there a separate Dunsmuir Viaduct to carry  westbound traffic while the Georgia Viaduct carried traffic eastbound.

The Viaduct in the image is Georgia Viaduct.

3. Str P257

This is pretty clearly somewhere other than Georgia Street. It appears to be an image of Ceperley Playground in Stanley Park’s Second Beach. See a very similar image on CVA here.

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2 Responses to Answers to “Find The Errors”

  1. S. Wilson says:

    The date in #3 was off too.. The clothing is clearly from the 30’s.
    I find it odd that the very iconic 2nd beach pool could be confused for anything on Georgia.

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